Very nice article, Dr Rai. These are some of the keywords I picked up: declutter, de-stress, clarity of mind, cleaning of emotions, mental exercise, being in the moment, time-out, engages sense of curiosity, big picture mindset (bird's eye view).

There is more to life than just a career—a life worth living by design

This is my reflection of a 3-day workshop on Trajectory 2: Learning, organized by the Office of Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic & International).

Engrossed in discussion with the brilliant minds

The Background of the Trajectory 2 (T2) Program: Learning

From left: Prof. Madya Ts. Dr. Muhamad Shahbani Abu Bakar (UUM), Prof. Madya Ir. Dr. Hayati binti Abdullah (Chairman, UTM) and Prof. Dr. Suria Baba (UMK)

Leveraging like-minded passionate educators to trailblaze a new…

What makes us, human, better and smarter than the smartest machine?

Photo by Andy Kelly on Unsplash

Once upon a time…in a land far, far away…

Let’s begin with a brief story about change

In sixteen century, the British, French and Dutch sailed to the new world looking for new wealth and resources. It’s a time of great maritime, exploration and colonisation but it comes with a very high cost…life!

Thousands of sailors died during the long and arduous transoceanic voyages due to storms, shipwrecks, combat, and diseases. But the most feared and dreaded cause of gruesome death was actually attributed to scurvy — more than any other diseases and natural disasters combined. …

A balancing act of utilising the three critical resources for sustaining life

Orange fruits farm
Orange fruits farm
Photo by Max on Unsplash

Water, energy, food — all are essential to human life and all interconnected. However, achieving water, energy, and food security for everyone is the greatest challenge humankind faces today. It’s a delicate balancing act!

We’ve been talking about resources running out for ages. In the 70s we talked about oil running out. In the 80s we talked about the destruction of rainforests and in the last five years or ten years, we’ve been talking more about water scarcity, energy and sustainability of global food production.

But we always talk about them as a single issue. We need to begin to…

Learn to creatively deploy various platforms to aggregate your Medium articles and enhance the chances of being discovered.

Having strategic ‘satellites’ will increase the visibility of your Medium articles. Photo by Donald Giannatti on Unsplash

Would it be nice if your Medium articles could be discovered by the readers in many different ways and visible in many different places? Oh, yes…this surely will expand the reach and the potential number of your Medium publication readership.

Hello fellow writers! I would like to share ONE specific and POWERFUL strategy using four platforms to increase the visibility and reach of your articles on Medium—it’s called curation.

NOTE: Before you read further, I would like to clarify the term ‘curate’ or ‘curation’ in the context of this article. Curation on Medium means that your story has been distributed through one or more topics on the platform (Arts & Entertainment, Education, Beauty, Books, Fiction, etc.). …

Random Name Picker—A useful tool for teachers or trainers to pick a name randomly

Excuse me, can you respond to my question? [Image by kimostrupler2002 from Pixabay]

If you are a teacher, a trainer, a learning facilitator…you know what it’s like when you want to get someone (student, participant) to respond or answer your question. Most of the time, you will get this blank look…as if you are transparent!

Don’t look at me, Sir. I don’t have the answer! [Image from GIPHY].

Picture this scenario:

You walk into the classroom with high spirit and full of enthusiasm, eager to start your session. As usual, you have prepared well in advance and you have visualised in your head how you would deliver the lecture.

You start the session…

Manage different streams of newsfeed into a one-stop centre

Image by Geralt on Pixabay

Are you news addict? How often you read the news from your favourite news publication (paper-based or digital)? On average, how much time you spent reading the news every day? Is there a more efficient way to keep up the pulse of events locally and around the globe? Read on…

We are living in the era of BIG DATA. Information is just a click or a touch away, 24/7! In fact, we can find more digital content online than we can find time to read! …

Book review series

It’s not about being scarce but it’s about accessibility.

Photo by Aaron Lee on Unsplash

Imagine the world with sufficient water, food, energy and other basic needs for anyone on earth. It seems utopian, unfeasible, especially in times of crisis. But according to Peter Diamandis, author of ‘Abundance: The Future is Better Than You Think’ and founder of X Prize Foundation, that reality is not far off.

Peter makes a case for optimism — that we’ll invent, innovate and create ways to solve the challenges that loom over us. “I’m not saying we don’t have our set of problems; we surely do — climate crisis, species extinction, water and energy shortage, etc. …

Abd Karim Alias

A Professor of Food Technology at Univ Sains Malaysia (Malaysia) (since 1994). A strong advocate of online education and driven by a passion to share knowledge.

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